The patient compartment of the vehicle is in the form of a fully equipped emergency ambulance, having also medium and advanced pieces of rescue equipments. After rescuing, first intervention to the patient is done in the vehicle and in case of emergency, the patient can be transported to the closest medical center.


  • Monobloc box is built on pick-up vehicle chassis provides large volume and structural integrity.
  • The side panels of the box are sandwich type, they are constructed with special aluminum profiles and heat insulation materials.
  • Antibacterial, washable, non-slide flooring in the patient cabin LED light bars and warning lights on the top and sides
  • Multi-tone siren controlled by driver emitting three distinctive sounds.
  • The interior lighting is provided by dual mode fluorescent lights and spot lights In the patient cabin there is a heating and air conditioning system, digital electric panel with malfunction alert and a security switch.
  • A diesel heating system works independently from the engine to heat the patient cabin.
  • 220V inlet outside of the vehicle.
  • On-vehicle printing and labeling according to customer preference